Mafia takes over Zambezi Portland by force

God father Antonio Ventriglia

God father Antonio Ventriglia

The minority shareholders of Zambezi Portland Cement in Ndola, the Ventriglia family, have taken over the plant in an Italian Mafia Style.

Godfather Antonio Ventriglia hired armed police from Lusaka and the Coperbelt and stormed the cement plant early this morning.

The Mafia ordered the police to flush out all workers employed by the legitimate and legal owners of the company, Finsbury investment, which owns 58 per cent.

When the mafia were served with a court injunction preventing them from interfering with the operations of the plant, they tore it to pieces before throwing it in the face of the official who produced it.

The Ventriglias have vowed to use this opportunity to externalise more money as they have decided to settle in Italy. The Ventriglias are supported by former president Rupiah Banda.

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