Magande: another 5 years under RB will be discontent for Zambians

National Movement for Progressive Party (NMPP) says it will be a grave mistake for Zambians to vote back President Rupiah Banda in office.

In an interview the Watchdog, NMPP president Ng’andu Magande said voting for President Banda this year will not help Zambians address high levels of corruption, poverty and lack of transparency and accountability by people in leadership in the way they manage the national resources.
Magande said if President Banda was voted into power again it will be another five year rule of discontent among Zambians.
He said the change of government currently under debate ahead of the election must be taken so seriously if Zambia was to be saved from greedy and corrupt leaders in the MMD.
“You see bringing back President Banda into office or rather allowing him to continue to rule it will be a five year term of discontent among Zambians, you have seen what has happened with him when it comes to issues of corruption, his name is always associated with such vices and that is dangerous for a head of state,” said Magande.
He said under the late president Levy Mwanawasa, good governance and the fight against corruption was in pursuit unlike under President Banda’s leadership which he said has embraced all corrupt elements.
Magande said it is only the Zambian people who must realize that something is wrong with the current regime hence the calls for change.
“We are not going to force or coerce people to vote like our friends in the MMD are doing by blindfolding their eyes with the so-called development and 5 million kwacha given to clubs, we want a clear pathway of development, we want a programme to be drawn up on how the
nation shall undergo economic revolution, there are no jobs for our young people and that is critical for national development and economical growth,” he said.
He said Zambians must look beyond chitenge materials and other incentives being distributed; saying the fight against poverty and other economical problems the nation was faced with needed a leadership with foresight and not promises alone which are also difficult to fulfil.
Magande urges the electorates to desist from horbouring a corrupt mind by taking an election year as an opportunity to make money.
“We have a problem in Zambia and that is why poverty levels are too high, we vote with our stomach and not our minds, this issue of thinking that an election year is an opportunity to make money should
come to an end. People must vote for credible leaders and I once would like to indicate that if we are not going to vote wisely, we decide to re-elect President Banda this country is going nowhere and it will be another five years of try and error kind of leadership,” said Magande.


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