Magande challenges PF to explain its silence on windfall tax

Former Finance Minister Ngandu Magande has urged citizens to take the Patriotic Front (PF) to task so that it explains why it has not included some of its campaigns promises in the 2012 National Budget.

Magande, who is also National Movement for Progress (NMP) President, cited the failure to re-introduce windfall tax in the mining sector as a promise that the new regime has failed to fulfill.

He said during campaigns prior to the September 20 polls PF had vowed to demand windfall tax from mining investors as it would help Zambians who are wallowing in poverty.

Magande noted that the issue of taxing the mines is crucial as it is a good way for government to ensure citizens get meaningful benefits from the investments in the country.

He said there is need to re-introduce the windfall tax because if mines are not taxed investors will take all the wealth of the nation and Zambia will only get a low percentage of the total revenue of the commodity.

The NMP Leader wondered why government is silent about the windfall tax when citizens are for the idea, adding that it should be re-instated so that Zambians and investors get a 50/50% share as they are partners in the investment.

Magande further said PF should do the will of the citizens failure to which the new regime must explain why it has not delivered on promises that moved the people of Zambia to give it the mandate to rule.

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