Magande: I won’t join PF/UPND pact

By Justine Kawisha-Former finance minister N’gandu Magande says Local government minister Ben Tetamashimba was not a hindrance to his political goals.

magande300Responding to callers during a live phone program on radio Mazabuka on Saturday, Magande said words and thoughts of Tetamashimba did not represent the entire views of the general MMD membership.

Magande said he considered Tetamashimba as a painless thorn and he did not want to waste his saliva to pronounce his name because it was too long and was finishing his saliva.

This was after callers wanted to know why Magande was not responding to Tetamashimba’s position over his public support for President Rupiah Banda’s proposed endorsement for the 2011 elections.

And on plans to become president, Magande said he has bee ready to be president since last year.

And on the next move suppose he is blocked to be president for MMD at the convention, Mr. Magande said he would neither form another party nor join the UPND/PF pact but would wait for his appropriate time lead the country.

He said he would not break his hand to become president for MMD but would only break his hand to serve the nation.

He pledged to remain a royal member of MMD to fulfill the manifesto of the party which he drew with the late president in 2006.

On the impeachment plans by some opposition parties, he said he can only make up his decision on the impeachment motion upon seeing the reasons of the impeachment motion being proposed by the UPND/Pf pact.

Magande who is also Chilanga Member of Parliament said he would not rush into supporting an impeachment move which he did not understand and will only make a decision upon seeing the grounds of the impeachment.

And on the harassments of Journalists, the former finance minister condemned the harassments of the reporters by the MMD cadres saying it was criminal.

Courtesy of QFM

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