Magande to form ‘alliance’ with Sata

Former Finance Minister N’gandu Magande is expected to announce that he has formed an alliance with Michael Sata’s Patriotic Front very soon.
With the pact between UPND and PF ‘buried’, Sata is desperately looking for a person who can make him win votes in provinces like Southern, Western and North-western where he has traditionally failed to penetrate.
Informed sources say Magande is currently being coached on what his role under Sata will be. The same team of NGOs and newspapers aligned to PF that created the PF/UPND pact is leading the ‘discussions’ with Magande.
Magande was this week made interim President of a new party registered as National Movement for Progress Party (NMPP). The party was registered on 2nd March 2011, just as the wrangles between PF and UPND reached their peak.
But sources in the PF say Magande’s party has been created for the sole purpose of ‘delivering’ anti-Sata provinces to PF.
Magande was minister of Finance in the Levy Mwanawasa regime. He was also MP for Chilanga. He won the Chilanga seat but the outcome was contested in court. When Mwanawasa died, Magande tried to take over as MMD and republican president saying he was the anointed heir. He was defeated by Rupiah Banda.
Magande was later expelled from the ruling party MMD. Magande did not re-contest the Chilanga seat. The seat has since been won by the UPND.

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