Magande to form political movement

Expelled Chilanga Member of Parliament Ngandu Magande will in the next few weeks announce the formation of a political movement, the Watchdog has learned.
Magande, who was recently expelled from the Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD) has stated that he will neither challenge his expulsion in court nor will he re-contest the Chilanga seat.
Sources close to Magande have revealed that he is in the process of creating a political movement he calls the ‘Third Force’ on the Zambian political landscape. He believes that there are currently only two political forces in Zambia: the MMD and PF/UPND pact.
He, and those he is working with, is still coining the name but the terms “Movement for Political Emancipation’ appear to have been agreed upon.
“While the MMD is celebrating that Magande is not re-contesting the Chilanga seat, they do not know the reasons he has decided not to”, explained one source.
According to the sources, Magande is heavily aligned to the PF-UPND pact and has decided not to disturb the pact by joining one of the parties in the pact, at least not now.
Magande is said to be working with at least three named deputy ministers in the MMD government.

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