Magbul Patel using PF to cover his crimes

Magbul  Patel using PF to cover his crimes


Kindly expose this crook.

Maqbul Adam Patel is a young Zambian born Indian crook who has swindled a Korean investor building a hotel and lodge in Zambia out of $750,000.

He was arrested by officers from the fraud section at Central Police and faked sickness and avoided his first appearance at court.

Before the court process he used a Director at Service Headquarters and Crime 1 officers to stop officers from Central Police dealing with the case.

Now that the matter is in court, he has reported the complainant to Ministry of Home Affairs, DEC and Office of the President.

Patel claimed to have been offered part of NRDC by government and offered the same land to the Korean and was paid through his account $250,000. This matter was brought to the attention of the Minister of Lands, Honourable Jean Kapata whom Patel claimed received funding from him for party mobilisation. He also collected money for a piece of land in Boabab area but has never delivered the title deed.

He claims to be connected to the first family through Tasila Lungu who received some of the proceeds of his crimes as campaign funds.

Government officials from DEC to Ministry of Home Affairs are trying to intimidate the complainant so as to launder Patel’s criminal activities which are before the court of law.

This thug’s day in court will definitely come and must pay for his crime without interference from PF officials using the government machinery to stall the wheels of Justce.

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