Magistrate acquits UPND youths from PF persecution, Hamasaka’s case adjourned again

The Lusaka Magistrates court yesterday yet again acquitted some UPND cadres over yet again PF’s orchestrated politically motivated cases.

And judgment in which another of PF’s politically motivated cases where Former Evelyn Hone College Head of Media Studies lecturer Clayson Hamasaka was charged for being in possession of obscene materials was set for May 22.

Magistrate Washimanga yesterday acquitted Lemmy Mukoba who was represented by prominent Lusaka lawyer Matha Mushipe on a case of beating a police officer at Woodlands Police Station.

Like most of the PF’s politically engineered cases in their continued human rights abuse, Magistrate Washimanga found Lemmy with no evidence to link him to the crime.

Even more embarrassing, though one can always sympathize with police officers working under intense pressure from PF, the officers actually lied on oath which is a crime in itself.

In their testimony, the officers claimed to have seen Lemmy wearing a red Manchester United t-shirt, yet newspaper pictures, Muvi TV and TBN videos of the fracas at Woodlands showed Lemmy wearing a grey shirt.

The Magistrate further ruled that the police officers failed to prove that it was Lemmy who was throwing stones and bottles from the mob of people that attended one of the many of UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s police call-outs while Edgar Lungu was Home Affairs Minister.

In another case where PF were targeting journalists perceived to be critical of their tyranny and brutal rule, the court again adjourned the judgment for Hamasaka to 22nd May, which was now the fifth time.

Magistrate Obbister Musukwa who is handling Hamasaka’s case was transferred to Ndola.

Early 2013, the brutal PF regime abused Police, OP, DEC, to search Hamasaka on drugs pretexts but ended up getting his computers, detained him for defamation of the president, released him under warn and caution for seditious practices, and after keeping his computers for one month, they charged him for being in possession of obscene materials.

Their witnesses admitted to accessing his password-protected computers while in police custody.

Other journalists that were arrested included Thomas Zgyambo who is also still appearing in court, Wilson Pondamali whose cases were as usual discharged by Kabwe court and Civil Rights Activist Brebner Changala whom the PF entered a nolle after faking him of being in possession elicit of drugs.

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