Magistrate Banda accused of sitting on MTN corruption case

Magistrate Banda accused of sitting on MTN corruption case

Why is senior magistrate Joshua Banda sitting on MTN corruption case ?


Dear Editor
SOME happenings in ZAMBIA are really shocking.

Do you remember the 2012 MTN Win Big Promotion where an MTN employee was arrested for fraudulently facilitating her girlfriend in Livingstone to win the promotion?

Yes she “won” and got the money.
I believe exposing some of these issues will help us get justice delivered timely and the truth set alight.
Sir/madam it has been seven year (7) now since that scandal was busted and an MTN employee behind it Jones Ilukena arrested by the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC).

Two houses and three cars were seized and subsequently forfeited to the state from him as proceeds of the money. The matter was tried starting 2012 in Livingstone magistrate court and later transferred to Lusaka.

Ilukena was facing charges of fraud and money laundering involving One Billion Kwacha in the magistrate court presided by senior magistrate Joshua Banda.

After a lengthy back-and-forth process marred with unwarranted adjournments the accused was put on his defense.
Interestingly, it is now for years since the matter was trialed and all parties tendered their submissions, Magistrate Joshua Banda has not handed down the judgment. I am an MTN employee and my concern is that if this matter is not followed closely it will die a natural death. Am sure DEC is and MTN are both surprised at this unwarranted delay.
We cannot be waiting since 2016 for a judgment over a matter that had very few witnesses and very clear.
Recently the Chief Justice bragged that the judiciary was up to date with all the cases and no judgments should be pending unnecessarily. She said the backlog had been cleared. This however is not the case with the fraudulent 1-Billion MTN Win Big Promotion. Where is the problems? Where is the judgments?
I urge stakeholders to take interest. The magistrate was ‘oiled’ to forget the matter. We need that judgment. We also urge DEC to follow up the matter with MTN and have the judgment delivered. That money was too much.

Frazer Chulu
(Anti-Corruption Activist)

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