Magistrate revokes police bond for PF cadre who attacked Chipata journalists

Magistrate revokes police bond for PF cadre who attacked Chipata journalists

A Chipata magistrate court has revoked the police bond and refused to grant court bail to PF Vubwi district chairperson Mike Tembo who assaulted two journalists and UPND officials.

In this case, Tembo is charged with assaulting Post newspaper correspondent Peter Sukwa and feel free FM reporter Kelvin Phiri.
The duo was assaulted in Chikoka area in Vubwi district on the 10th December 2015 when they were on duty.
The charges are that Tembo and his colleagues assaulted the two journalist when they found them taking pictures at Chikoka primary school as part of the journalists’ investigations into reports that foreign nationals were being issued with Zambia NRC and voters cards.

Magistrate Moses Phiri who heard the case this morning refused to grant Tembo bail contending that he can easily flee into Malawi as he stays near Vubwi’s Zozwe area bordering Malawi. The magistrate also observed that the suspect’s surety Magret Miti, the Vubwi PF Member of Parliament was not even in court making the suspect’s plea for bail weak.
Magistrate Phiri has adjourned the case to 27th January for trial.
Tembo has since been remanded at Namuseche prison.
He is co-accused with his Petauke youth chairperson Jay Banda who is said to be unwell with other reports indicating that he has just gone into hiding.
How the police have already launched a man hunt for Jay Banda.

This is what happens when you are used as a tool of violence. The PF officials  who sent these fools to go and attack other citizens are enjoying life in Chipata and Lusaka while the families of these hired mercenaries are the ones suffering.

This is actually how the PF operates, they give cadres a few coins to attack citizens but when these cadres are arrested, they neglect them. They did the same to the thugs who attacked Hakainde Hichilema in Kitwe last year.journalists

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