Magistrate Simusamba meets Lungu

Magistrate Simusamba meets Lungu


Magistrate David Simusamba today held a fIve hour meeting with Edgar Lungu and Kaiser Zulu at state house.

Simusamba is the magistrate handling the treason case of Hakainde Hichilema and his domestic workers. He has been adjourning the case for three weeks now with the latest adjournment being today when he feigned illness.

According to Lungu ‘s bodyguards, Simusamba arrived at state house at 15:30 hours and only left around 22 hours.

According to people close to Simusamba, he wrote the judgements against HH two weeks ago but has agreed with Lungu to keep on adjourning the case so that HH can remain in jail.

The watchdog has been informed that Simusamba will rule that he has no powers to challenge the DPP’ s decision to send HH to the High Court. He will also say that he initially agreed to investigate the viability of the treason charges because the DPP’s office had not yet committed HH to the High Court.

However Simusamba knows that the treason charges are baseless and will be dismissed by the High Court so he has agreed to be paid by Lungu to keep on delaying the case at magistrate level.

‘It’s just that UPND supporters are naive and seem to have no leadership at the moment. This is not a legal but political case which must be fought politically. Simusamba is a full time PF cadre and has personal hatred for HH so he is using those delaying tactics to punish HH because he knows the High Court can not tolerate such baseless charges,’ a source close to Simusamba said.

The source wondered why the UPND supporters are so peaceful as if they in a hospital ward when their leader is in the hands of the enemy.

When the matter came up today, Magistrate Betty Malupenga announced that Simusamba was sick and therefore the case should be adjourned to Wednesday.

Lungu and Simusamba chose Wednesday as the day to send HH to the High and possibly move him to Mukobeko because on this day, Zambia will be playing against Iran so Lungu thinks many people will only pay attention to the football.

But Simusamba can also rule that he has powers to investigate the viability of the treason charges and therefore keep HH in jail for another month then at the end say the charges are viable. What UPND supporters and the international community must know is that Simusamba’ only role in this matter is to keep HH in jail as long as possible. Whatever he is going to say on Wednesday is carefully calculated to keep HH in jail.

Magistrate Malupenga is the wife of local government PS Amos Malupenga.

Simusamba has made his money these past weeks and his children will now be feeding on this dirty, bloody money. 

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