Magistrate Simusamba paid half a million, Mulongoti to be arrrested

Magistrate Simusamba paid half a million, Mulongoti to be arrrested

An unexplained deposit of amounting to K500,000 has been traced in bank account for Lusaka Magistrate David Simusamba who convicted Pastor Nevers Mumba to 3 months imprisonment for merely going to the ZNBC studio.

The amount is believed to have come from Edgar Lungu and was given to Kaizar Zulu to deposit but used another name a Mrs. Joyce.

Many Zambians are surprised how one can be convicted for merely visiting a public broadcasting institution like ZNBC.

And Nevers Mumba had gone there to merely complain about the wrong story ZNBC had carried about him.

David Simusamba is the same Magistrate who played a huge and seek game when the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema was arrested for trumped up treason charges.

At one time during the court hearing for HH, this Simusamba had claimed that his computer had crushed and so he could not make a ruling.

Now it now emerged that the whole arrest and conviction of Nevers Mumba is part of the wider schemes by dictator Edgar Lungu who has now started targeting influential Bembas and other opposition political party leaders.

Sources say Nevers Mumba has never been known for violence in his political career and what Simusamba has done to him is just a case to himself like Judas Iscariot did to Jesus Christ. That PF cadre David Simusamba will be cursed for convicting a man of God over pieces of silver like Judas Iscariot did to Jesus Christ. The money came from Edgar Lungu and was given to Kaizar Zulu who used a proxy by the name of Joyce to deposit the money,” said a source.

Sources also say there is likelihood of the PP President Mike Mulongoti being arrested soon for continuously questioning Lungu’s nationality.

Mike Mulongoti knows Edgar Lungu personally as the mother to Edgar Lungu’s daughter Tasila Lungu is related to Mulongoti directly.

In fact Mulongoti is an uncle to Tasila Lungu and was among the relatives that were dealing with the two families when Tasila Lungu’s mother got pregnant by Edgar Lungu.

Tasila Lungu’s mother is currently married in the US as the marriage with Lungu could not work.

So Mulongoti knows a few very close relatives of Edgar Lungu’s family who are currently residing in Tete, Mozambique and some in Malawi.

These are the relatives Mulongoti was dealing with and he knows 100% that Edgar Lungu is not a Zambian.

Edgar Lungu just changed the name at the time of getting a Zambian NRC for school purposes.

Edgar Lungu has now ordered the ACC to investigate and find any crime linking Mulongoti at the time he was Works and Supply Minister under the Levy Mwanawasa government.

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