Maiko Zulu tells of PF for demeaning musicians

Maiko Zulu tells of PF for demeaning musicians


Renowned Musician Maiko Zulu has given a befiting response to PF Deputy Media Director Antonio Mwanza on assertions that the position of Mayor does not need a musician.

Below is St Maiko’s response:

My brother Antonio, I think you are really cheapening the art of film and music by thinking people from this field are not capable of public leadership.

Look at some of the people in your own government and tell us if none of them is there just because they were cheer leading the President at the airport or because they were hired thugs for someone.

Acting and Singing has created graduates in this very country and personally I see your comment in bad taste and I now see why your government has failed to develop the creative industry despite the massive exploitation of the artistes.

When you tried to stand as Munali MP, nobody cheapened your career background. Some of the musicians you see around are more academically qualified than even some top brass leaders you are serving under, just look around.

The very party that you have now ran to was created by a person whose academic credentials are no secret. You have raised valid points which to me have been diluted by your egoistic thinking and disregard for some people’s careers.

But I understand you my brother and we all know that its the educated fools that have sunk this country with your degrees and PHD’s. Yes this is not singing or acting but also this is not about caderism and politics of hunger either. Lets respect peoples jobs.

Mwanza had said the position of Lusaka Mayor needed a person who is tried and tested.

“The Mayoral job is a serious job and we don’t need job-on- training. This is serious business and we need people who are tried and tested, people who are experienced and ready for the job, people with a proven track record. This is not acting or singing or Sojo,” he said.

The opposition NDC candidate Saboi Imboela is a singer but has a masters in Political Science while the UPND candidate Chileshe Kangwa is a former Actor in Kabanana and works as a clergy. Another candidate Mukubesa Mundia aka Petersen standing on PAC (People’s Allaince for Congress) is a renowned singer

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