Maintaining cabinet after parley dissolution is highest disregard of law-Bishop Chihana

The International Fellowship of Christian Churches (IFCC) has described outgoing President Edgar Lungu’s insistence to maintain cabinet ministers after dissolution of parliament as the highest disregard of the law.
IFCC president Bishop Simon Chihana said it is now clear that President Lungu has refused to adhere to the law of the land that clearly states that, upon dissolution of parliament, cabinet cannot be in existence until after a new government has been sworn in.
Bishop Chihana further said when a government is in the habit of breaking the laws which it is mandated to protect, it becomes extremely difficult for citizens to respect and honour such a government.
‘As a Church, we are finding this to be abnormal and disregard of the law of the highest order,’ Bishop Chihana said.
He said humility is required by the PF government in observing the law of the land because disregarding it means disregarding the people of Zambia and also means the PF can disregard the election results if they lost.
Bishop Chihana wondered what President Lungu was trying to hide and has called on those who were ministers to vacate their ministerial positions if they have a conscious.
He warned that the former ministers should not wait for the same law they created to chase after them and has urged them to honourably vacate their seats with or without a presidential order.

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