Malambo voters to reject PF because Sata called them animals, humiliated their chief Jumbe

The people of Mambwe district are upset with President Michael Sata’s incessant attacks on them as well as the hurling of insults on their traditional leaders and have therefore vowed to ensure that the Patriotic Front loses the September 5 Malambo by-elections.

Speaking in an interview Community Resource Board (CRB)of Jumbe area Martin Malata said that the insults that chief Jumbe received from president Sata when he officially opened the house of Chiefs meeting in Lusaka recently would cost the PF the elections.
Malata said that the humiliation that chief Jumbe suffered was not the first one saying during the period running to the 2011 elections, Sata condemned his predecessor Rupiah Banda for tarring the Chipata Mfuwe road claiming that the road would be used for animals as there were no people in the area.
“President Sata does not have regard and respect for the people of Mambwe district. Just the other week he insulted   our chief. Our chief was told that the president was able to see what he does 24 hours. Just in 2011 he blamed Banda for tarring the road but now we shall see who is a winner when he comes to ask for votes,” said Malata.
Coupled with the insulting that the people of Mambwe have been subjected to, Malata said that the decision by Tourism and Arts minister Sylvia Masebo to ban safari hunting have resulted into  the levels of poverty in Mambwe district to rise  to alarming levels.
“As you know I am a CRB for Jumbe area and  the decision to ban hunting has hit us badly. Poverty levels in the areas have risen, village scouts have lost employment and communities have lost on pledges from safari. The situation is bad and I do not see the PF winning,” he said.

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