Malanji confirms he was dispatched to Rwanda

Malanji confirms he was dispatched to Rwanda


Minister of Foreign Affairs Joseph Malanji has confirmed that he flew to Rwanda yesterday.

Malanji disclosed that he travelled to Kigali, Rwanda yesterday as President Edgar Lungu’s Special Envoy to meet President Paul Kagame.

He said his travel was meant to understand social media allegations made against Zambia and the reports that were made by a rebel leader appearing in the High Court in Kigali.

Callixte ‘Sankara’ Nsabimana appeared in the Nyanza High Court on Monday where he pleaded guilty to all charges but said that he was misled by some individuals and claimed that he was financially helped by President Edgar Lungu of Zambia.

But Malanji claimed that he was informed by President Kagame that the allegations are not credible as prior to his arrest, Nsabimana had travelled to five countries that do NOT include Zambia.

Malanji said government will continue to investigate why Nsabimana chose to falsely mention President Edgar Lungu in his court testimony.

Mr Malanji said the warm bilateral relations enjoyed between Zambia and Rwanda have not been shaken by the lies told by Nsabimana in court.


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Lungu has been using Findley and Zigman to fund rebels in Rwanda

Rwandan President Paul Kagame yesterday refused to meet President Edgar Lungu’s delegation of ministers led by Defence Minister Davies Chama and Foreign Affairs Minister Joe Malanji.

Zambians woke up early in the morning yesterday to a plane tracker apps spotting the Presidential Challenger heading to Kigali that departed around 07:30hrs and arrived in the Rwandan capital Kigali around 10hrs.

Initially, social media commentators thought it was President Edgar Lungu himself who had gone to Rwanda to meet President Kagame.

Investigation later indicated that Lungu had sent Defence Minister Davies Chama and Foreign Affairs Minister Joe Malanji as his envoys to Kagame on a diplomatic mission to explain how Edgar Lungu has been implicated in funding Rwandan rebels in that country.

The Zambian delegation waited for clearance to meet President Kagame for more than 2 hours at State House in Kigali, later a junior officials came and told them the President was too busy.

The Rwandan government junior officials told them that the President would meet them “in the field”.

He handed them a dossier from the Rwandan government security wings detailing how Edgar Lungu has been funding Rwandan rebels through his friends Zigman and Valden Findley.

“The issue is with Zigman and Findlay providing arms and resources to Anti Kagame rebels and using Zambian State House backing for security clearance of Arms and other resources like hard cash forex.

In the run up to the 2016 elections, Uganda mercenaries led by Chris Rugari sent by Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni were assigned to Zambia to help Lungu in the rigging of the elections.

Among them were ICTs specialists like Samuel Chavula who was given accreditation to the Electoral Commission of Zambia restricted server room where he was caught manipulating electoral figures in favour of Edgar Lungu.

Others were a team that engineered massive violence against the opposition.

To reciprocate the gesture done by Museveni to Edgar Lungu, Museveni requested for help from Lungu to sort out his sworn enemy Paul Kagame. It should be noted that Paul Kagame was Yoweri Museveni’s head of intelligence during their rebel days.

But the two men have now sharply differed with each one sponsoring rebels to topple the other. The Rwandan government has been fighting Hutu rebels in the Eastern Congo and Lungu has been using his friends Zigman and Valden Findley to help the Hutu rebels fighting Kagame in the Eastern Congo.

This is the Rwandan government intelligence report that was given to Lungu’s delegation of ministers yesterday.


Apparently, the Zambian government Financial Intelligence Centre Report of 2018 captured numerous financial flows related to financing terrorist activities in an African country.

Here the except from the report.

Case 3: Suspected Terrorist Financing
Two foreign nationals X and Y incorporated company D in Zambia. Company D held
bank accounts with bank B. Mr. X requested the bank to amend his name, date of
birth and nationality. Upon receipt of this request, the bank performed customer due
diligence and adverse information on the new credentials was revealed. The new
name was linked to a terrorist group in Country Q within Africa. Mr. X made multiple
forex purchases using his company account to fund his travel from Zambia to the
African Country where terrorist activities are rampant. The forex purchases by Mr. X
were suspected to be funding terrorist activities in Country Q.
The matter was disseminated to competent authorities for further investigation.

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  • comment-avatar
    KILOSA 2 weeks ago

    when PK says he will meet ECL in the field, he basically means war winna azanya!!!!

  • comment-avatar
    ThinkTank 2 weeks ago

    Am wondering why the taxpayers are incurring costs at the expense of a sitting president’s doing when the opposition and other CSO advised that these issues of moving about with Findlay must stop but to no avail. Taxpayer’s are now suffering, incurring costs to the Zambian Citizens…anyway , i just don’t have what to remember president lungu other these issues of terrorist financing and corruption.

  • comment-avatar
    Mr Harryson Chitapu 2 weeks ago

    Wanza, avengers age of ultron, black panther, avengers infinity war. Puzzle rwanda = wakanda!

  • comment-avatar

    The avengers infinity war soldiers!

  • comment-avatar
    i thank God 2 weeks ago

    Only God who know

  • comment-avatar
    child of God 2 weeks ago

    Zambians remain united and choose a working government in 2021

  • comment-avatar

    Message for Chishimba Kambwili and Nevers Mumba you can not ever be trusted, why did you rush to defend Lungu upon hearing this news. Why didn’t you wait for fact and get enough information before you comment. Do you know how greedy Lungu is? Do you clearly understand what he is capeable of doing?

    • comment-avatar
      Break News 2 weeks ago

      I tell you HH has a lot of money”
      I am 100% sure that its HH who convinced the Rwandan Rebel Leader Maj Nsabimana Sankara Calliixte to frame President Lungu with funding of his rebel group so that he can be kicked out of State House, Former UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has said.
      Speaking in Lusaka this morning, GBM said HH is the only Zambian who has more than enough money and influence across the world and there is no doubt he can maximise the same influence to frame President Lungu with serious cases so that he can be kicked out of State House.
      “I refuse to believe that Mr Hakainde is clean in this matter. I know the man, he has a lot of money and influence across the world than any Zambian and I think it is him who went to Rwanda to meet the rebel leader in prison and convince him to falsely accuse President Lungu”, said GBM.
      The PF Deputy Mobilisation Chairman further said HH has alot of money to the extent that he can even bribe prison officers in Rwanda to allow him to talk to the rebel leader and convince him to mention President Lungu in his case. “I believe HH might have gone to Rwanda and visited Mr Sankara in prison, If I have injured HH by this statement, he is free to take me to court and I know i will win”, said GBM.

  • comment-avatar
    Njangwamuloty 2 weeks ago

    Before 2020 is out, either or all these three people would have been shot dead because of their gun-running activities in Rwanda on behalf of Museveni: Findley, Zigman and Chagwa Lungu. Like what happened to Penza in gun running for diamonds in Angola, this trio is marked for death, it’s Penzalitics, kuuuunya!

  • comment-avatar
    Njangwamuloty 2 weeks ago

    Both the Defence Minister Davies Chama & Foreign Affairs Minister Joe Malanji are damn fools with zero diplomacy or education, just how would they be able to extricate their boss from this quagmire? As for low laying fruits like Zigman & Findley, they’re dead men walking. Lungu signed a deal with the Lucifer, Kaguta Museveni, now the devil is back to “collect!”. Before the end of this year, either Lungu, Zigman or Findley will be shot dead. This is dangerous Penzalitics they’ve gotten into, kuuunya!

  • comment-avatar
    Tatilalungu 2 weeks ago

    Zambians have been saying stop flying with Findley , it was said that drugs were involved in their freindship,  now this PK is not a drunk , let’s jest wait and see he will hit back , this is too big to ignore, wat a mess , the next presido should send  Findley back were his parents came from , we have a lot of problems  cas of having money lovers to rule Zambia  ,this is  sad jest resign we are tired with this leadership, u should have told Late Sata that u are a drunk 

    • comment-avatar
      Tatilalungu 2 weeks ago

      There is a storie about Lungu owning a big Mall in Uganda , wow it makes sense now , the paid him and he used it to do business in Uganda , Zambians wake up we are in a big hole , Imbwili said it sometime back asking were did he get the money to build a mall in Uganda , iyee l don’t have energy right now about this issue, 

  • comment-avatar
    FukOff Lungu 2 weeks ago

    I don’t see why we citizens of Zambia should lose sleep over this. The idiot Lungu is the one PK is after. Hand the swine over. Sick and tired of this peasants escapades with tax payers money. Lelo ati ka sacka ka ndalama! No shame iwe chimbwi. You make me sick! Never before have I hated someone I have never met the way I hate you.

  • comment-avatar
    Chisha Band 2 weeks ago

    See the difference: Kagame is busy developing his country and has no time for the Zambian delegation. Zambia’s ECL is busy spending tax payers money on a useless PR exercise. But Paul Kagame has no time because he is a busy man and knows that ECL has his days numbered at plot 1.

  • comment-avatar
    Daniel 2 weeks ago

    This is exactly how Chiluba pissed off Angola by supporting Savimbi. Lungu is such a reckless person in everything. Right now all his focus is rigging the next election and he has already assembled his rigging machinery at ECZ. Let him take a lesson from how Bolivian dictator was chased despite all his rigging machinery.

    • comment-avatar
      Nyambe the Hero 2 weeks ago

      People have short memories. Whatever the facts this is bad for the country.

  • comment-avatar
    Sikobiso 2 weeks ago

    Damage control. No substance in whst Malanji is ssying.

  • comment-avatar
    Patriotic Zambian 2 weeks ago

    In the field

  • comment-avatar

    The guy didn’t say he came to Zambia himself to collect the money, a leader of the political wing of the terrorist group collected the money from Lungu. He is not stupid to do it himself and leave his finger prints everywhere. Over the period for people who are observant you will notice that Lungu useses proxes to do this while lacking in the background. Remember Nchito? The post? Prime TV? The Cadres? CEC? The Copper Mine taken over on the coperbelt? Lungu is a real mercenary.

    • comment-avatar

      James, that’s probable but no one can verify it just now. I hope Rwanda is satisfied that Zambia is not involved.

  • comment-avatar
    Ichalo Lifupa... 2 weeks ago

    ECL has really pissed off PK and no wonder he prefers to be met in the field (Combat field).

    Zambia need to involve international mediators.