Malanji goes for another married woman

Foreign Affairs Minister Joe Malanji has now started dating a married worker at the South African embassy in Lusaka who he has promised marriage.
The woman’s name has been withheld to safeguard her marriage back home though Malanji wants her to terminate it. The woman accompanied Malanji during his recent official trip to China but she left on a different plane ahead of Malanji after deceiving her husband that she was on official duty.
The affair is known by his current wife whom he equally just ‘grabbed’ from another man a Mr. Sikaonga of Kitwe. Sikaonga was a wealthy businessman owning Crane Zambia in Kitwe and with lucrative contracts with the mines.
But after abusing and dumping late Baldwin Nkumbula’s widow Chifunilo, Malanji turned to Sikaonga’s wife. After Sikaonga’s death, Malanji moved in with her, swept the wealth like he did with Chifunilo and now apparently wants to dump her as well.
His wife is upset and poured out her grief on PF Secretary General Davies Mwila during his recent Copperbelt party mobilisation tour as he was a guest at one of their lodges while Malanji was out.

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  • comment-avatar
    MALANJI 2 weeks ago

    iwe ka victimized diplomat remember I fucked you in the elevator kikikikiki

  • comment-avatar

    he almost grabbed my indian wife she refused Indians like tongas

  • comment-avatar
    ZODWA WABANTU 2 weeks ago

    he once fucked me he has a very small mbolo monga ka nyeleti you need to look for it in his tall mavuzi

  • comment-avatar
    Kaskas 2 weeks ago

    very very very true story i worked with big joe NBL.

  • comment-avatar
    Prince Earl Ray Kapau. 2 weeks ago

    Malanji is useless. Stupidity is seen in him almost all the time he speaks. There are so many unmarried women,some of whom are more beautiful at heart and face, but why going to somebody else’s katundu.No wonder deaths are following men from he’s been grabbing the women. This time I prophecy that that woman’s husband will not die but you will.

  • comment-avatar
    family 2 weeks ago

    God is surely just. Each man or woman gets what they deserve. Ba kwacha no malanji it is a pity you equally did not gather your facts before responding. How the house in riverside sold? Who sold it? His did the family relocate to Ndola. How did crane Africa go under? Malanji knows better than you do? He knows the role he played in the whole system. You talk about family? Wish we could sit and talk. Itvpains as family to see articles written in ignorance before one understands or reads the entire picture. Free advise… Leave the late Isaac Maimba Sikaonga out of the story coz he can’t defend himself. Anyway, even if he were alive I believe he would not sink so low to do that being a gentleman that he was. No hard feelings ba Kwacha just thought to straighten up the issue. Isaac rest in peace we miss u but you getting your justice.

  • comment-avatar
    Benson Kapapa 2 weeks ago

    Malanji stole since he was a workshop manager at national breweries
    Look at High Court judgements against JM Enterprises for millions but he plays golf with judges
    He signed a consent order but did not pay one ngwee

    Now he’s a minister.

    No due diligence by government or women on this opportunist

  • comment-avatar
    Kelvin 2 weeks ago

    ZWD do you even sleep?

    • comment-avatar

      A news media is not supposed to sleep. That’s the Chinese are taking everything because most of the time you are asleep.

  • comment-avatar
    Titus Haliwa 2 weeks ago

    Malanji is a dangerous animal

  • comment-avatar
    james Bond007 2 weeks ago

    Malanji. If it’s true,  yu better stop my Dear Big man. How will yu feel if yur wife sleeps with another man?

  • comment-avatar
    Kkbite 2 weeks ago

    Hey people of undoubted hate. The Bible says when one partner dies the other is free to remarry. But to remarry who?? You can marry another whose partner is no more. Where is malanji in this statement. If he has been marrying widos then he is free. A question to watchdog Do you have personal issues with malanji? If you have please go and see him so that you settle your differences.

  • comment-avatar
    Kwacha ni Malanji 2 weeks ago

    The time of reckon shall surely fall on you Watchimbwa!
    If only if you knew the state in which the so called “Wealthiest man” Mr Sikaonga left his family at the time death, you would surely appreciate Mr Malanji for what he has done for the late Mr Siakaonga’s wife and children.
    In case you didn’t know, at the time of his death the late Mr Siakaonga had no whatsoever any viable contract with any mining comppany as his company had collapsed to the extent of even selling his only house in Kitwe’s Riverside with hopes to resuscitate his business and support him family.
    ZWD please always gather proper information before you publish your idiotic, baseless, unfounded, image denting data to the public.
    Leave Malanji alone,no matter what you say we people of kwacha and Zambia at large we will not stop supporting and loving this hard working MP.

  • comment-avatar
    Francis 2 weeks ago

    Abusers of people are in the hand of God.

  • comment-avatar
    Eastern Nzika 2 weeks ago

    Us Ngonis we have a saying, ” chigololo ni mwanakazi”, meaning that without a lady’s consent sex can not take place.

  • comment-avatar
    kakolwe 2 weeks ago

    Watchimbwa at their best!!
    Thinking like they are in Malanji’s bedroom and every private place!!

  • comment-avatar
    Victimised Diplomat 2 weeks ago

    I hate  dating Zambian men . The majority  lack romantic skills and they date women fior the sake of stealing from them. I am no longer into Zambian men because of the banditry inflicted on me  to the extent of if inducing lawyers and members of the judiciary in enticing themselves with my luxuries, and stealing from me like imbeciles, without shame. Giving my well hard earned luxuries to underachieved women. Trash. Bunch of men you got in Zambia.  No matter ne is getting away with impunity for enjoying the Labour of my hands. 

  • comment-avatar
    njoya mwee 2 weeks ago

    Wait a Minute! Joe Malanji shall reap what he is sowing. Some day it will be pay day. Time of reckoning is coming and not too far when he shall no pleasure.God cannot be mocked. You may thing you are clever now but you will prove yourself to be foolish. How long? How long Joe shall you continue abusing women like that. Their cries God is hearing them.