Malaria control boss accused of plunder


National Malaria Control Centre (MNCC) is the overall government body which oversees all malaria control programmes in Zambia. Unfortunately, the efforts which are put in place are compromised by the people deployed to run malaria programmes. There are a lot of scandals at NMCC that have never received serious attention for the authorities .

There are a lot of speculations; most of them with tangible evidence that Hawela B. Moonga , who is the coordinator and chief parasitologist at NMCC misappropriates public funds allocated for malaria programmes. He has been silently involved in several allegations and mysterious cases of money laundering in the Ministry of Health.

The recent scandal which angered people at NMCC was the missing of K 78,000 cash allocated for country consultative meetings on the use of Mass Drug Administration (MDA) which he was in charge. Upon receiving concerns from his colleagues he only surrendered about K 20,000, only a few people went in the field the rest of names appearing on the list of participants never went in the field but collected and shared the money.

The remaining K 56,000 has never been recovered and no one has questioned the whereabouts of the funds. This is a case which needed the attention of the investigative wings of government such as the Anti Corruption Commission. It is alleged that he uses his girlfriends and relatives to carry out duties for which they are not qualified and recruitment is done secretly. It is an open secret that these loiter around NMCC grounds most of them appear when they are projects.

Surprisingly, most of them are school leavers but participates in significant national programmes which require highly skilled people to achieve credible results. There are several occasions where people assigned by Moonga have been chased in the fields by other co-participants because of underperformances and incompetence. His continued trends have affected many qualified people who deserve to be in the position of those unskilled women hanging around NMCC. It is known that NMCC is supporting more than 20 of his relatives in teaching and nursery colleges thus becoming a fundraising venture for his clan. If this is not stopped, Government will continue to losing tax payers money which ordinary Zambians sacrifice for the benefit of this country.

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