Malawi gay partner finds woman to marry

Steven Monjeza has dumped Tiwonge Chimbalanga –Aunt Tiwo- who he engaged in the first Malawi gay ceremony that earned them a 14 years imprisonment for homosexuality.

They were pardoned by President Bingu wa Mutharika after conceding international pressure.

But according to The Nation newspaper, Malawi’s authoritative daily; Monjeza has found a woman to marry and claims he was forced into the ‘gay drama’.

The man has said he will expose the people that allegedly forced him into the gay act if they continue to pester him.

The paper reports that Monjeza alleges that he never had sex with his fellow man, Tiwonge.

He also claims to have been “forced” to hold a news conference.

The Nation newspaper were also the first to publish the story about Monjeza and Chimbalanga’s engagement in December which led to their arrest.

Source: Nyasa Times

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