Malawi sees no reason to apologise to Sata

Malawi sees no reason to apologise to Sata

Malawi has said there is no reason to apologise to Michael Sata, the new ruler of Zambia over his deportation and declaration as a prohibited immigrant in 2007.

On Saturday, Sata snubbed the invitation to attend the COMESA summit in protest against Malawian government and demanded an apology for his being declared an unwanted element in that country.

Malawi government spokesperson Patricia Kaliati said Sata as President of Zambia “remains welcome in Malawi” and there was no reason for Malawi Government to apologise.

Ms Kaliati insisted that whatever happened to Sata in 2007 was happened to him as an individual not as a Zambian President.
“We have not changed our position. Sata is free to come to Malawi,” said Ms Kaliati.

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