Malawi should not expect help from Zambia


The government of Malawi should forget PF government ever taking any action against officials involved in Maize gate scandal. We know Edgar Lungu so well. This government is led by criminals who have demolished every standing block of democracy and have no respect for the rule of law.

Edgar is a product of corruption and there is no way he can hold his colleagues accountable to anything.

There is literally no ways and here is where we basing our opinion on:

The office of the Auditor general has been citing government officials involved in corruption over and over but to date these corrupt officials have never been summoned neither have they been charged or late alone give a simple statement in the affirmative at any law institution. . They have never appeared before any courts of law. They are free to do as they wish.

As you may know Former government spokesperson and information Minister Chishimba Kambwili was fired for being corrupt but up to now he has not been arrested. Kambwili walked away with $30million for a market his company did not build. How was he paid off full amount without any works?
Several Ministers and government officials have off shore accounts and wealth they can’t explain but they are untouchable because they dine with Edgar. Here corruption starts and ends with the president.

Edgar became worth over Zmk 25 million in fifteen months. How on earth can that be other than through theft ? Up to now he can’t explain how he made all this money. His companies have not remitted tax equivalent to his wealth. Whatever tax ratio you use it can’t work out!

Stolen money all over. He has closed the post and now chasing after the Mast so that no private media will report about his corrupt activities. He is abusing government institutions to persuade his agenda of destroying democracy turning Zambia into a police state.
We now have monsters in Southern Africa that should be wiped from the face of our great nations because they don’t care about the majority citizens.

The Zambian Anti Corruption Commission is a conduit of public funds. Its only used to prosecute those against Lungu and his government. We presumably think you heard about Savior Chishimba having been summoned by ACC after he cooperated with your government in helping investigate this matter.

In Zambia the law is meant for persecuting the opposition. PF cadres can demonstrate at any government institution like Law Association of Zambia and no one gets arrested.

Our humble advise to you is raise all necessary government documents by engaging Zambian government for use in the near future. The UPND government will get to the route cause of all this and bring perpetrators to book.

In a while UPND will be fixing everything.

The Fixing team.

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