Malawian female singers fight over Zambia’s nafuti nafuti

Raga musician Wendy Harawa and her close friend Memory Ng’oma this week attacked and assaulted each other in front of revellers at a night club in Lilongwe over visiting Zambian musician Baska.

Baska’s promoter Wachipeta Mkandawire confirmed to the Weekend Times that Wendy, who arrived at Lilongwe’s popular China Bar in Area 47 at around midnight on Wednesday and went to confront the 23-year-old Zambian musician, whose real name is Lloyd Kalyalya who was with Wendy’s friend and other people.

He said that Wendy and Memory started fighting and hurling insults at each other as other people tried to stop the fight. Mkandawire said that prior to that, the raga musician was sending him messages on his phone about her relationship with Baska.

But Wendy in an interview soon after the fracas accused both the Zambian musician and her friend of starting the fight.

“l came here to pick Baska up because he told me to. But when l arrived here, Memory started insulting me,” Wendy told Weekend Times.

“Memory is my friend and l am the one keeping her. In fact, she knew Baska because of me, but now she is treating me like this. There is nothing between me and Baska; he is just my friend. I am the one who invited him to Malawi,” said Wendy.

The paper reported that the Malawian female musician kept on accusing Malawian journalists of favouring foreign musicians.

Baska denied inviting Wendy to the pub saying the Malawian musician wants to control his life, the paper reported.

“It is true that l knew some people because of Wendy but then she does not have to control my life. I didn’t come here because of her. I came here because of the Malawian people who love my music. Every time l am on the phone she wants to know who it is l am talking to. The fact that she knows me doesn’t mean that l should be under her control.”

The Nafuti Nafuti star denied having any sexual relationship with Wendy saying she had dated his friend, another Zambian musician, Petersen of Fendula Fenduze fame.

Wendy insisted she did not want to sleep with the 23-year-old Zambian musician saying she was only looking out for him as her guest.

“l have never patronized this bar. I only came here because he asked me to. He sent me an sms using Memory’s phone to find him here.”

Wendy’s friend, however, accused the raga queen of being jealous of her and starting up the fight.

“l am not going out with Baska, he just asked me out for a drink. Wendy followed us here and started calling me a whore. Wendy does not have a place of her own. I was keeping her at my house in Area 18 and she is staying at my house in Area 3. Please do not write this because my father and my brother will disown me if they read it in the newspaper,” she pleaded with Weekend Times

Asked about his relationship with Memory, Baska confirmed to the paper that the two were in a relationship saying: “l love Memory. In fact l am ready to take her to Zambia. Wendy introduced me to her boyfriend at his bar and l told her that Memory is my girlfriend. I am surprised she does not want to accept that.”

The paper reported that when the interviews were being conducted Wendy, whose dress was torn during the fracas, returned to the bar with another friend in a white Toyota Corolla saloon followed by 990 police officers who took the Zambian musician and other girls to Lingadzi police in Area 18 for questioning.

After 40 minutes, the people were released from the police station.

Wendy has worked with various Zambian artists among the Danny, Exile, Runnel and Petersen.

Source: Nyasa Times

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