Malawians registered to vote in Zambia say want HH

Malawians registered to vote in Zambia say want HH

‘Gen Mosquito’ follows Malawians registered as Zambian voters.

UPND National Deputy Youth Chairman Gilbert Liswaniso aka Gen Mosquito and his team over the weekend followed the secret tracks that the PF and Electoral Commission of Zambia, has illegally used to register thousands of Malawians and Mozambiqueans as voters in the 2021 elections. Liswaniso visited the Malawian border location of Mchinji where dozens of villagers besieged him while displaying their Malawian national identities and their newly acquired illegal ECZ and Zambian Ministry of Home Affairs voters and NRCS cards respectively.

The villagers told Liswaniso that they will do to President Edgar Lungu what they did to President Peter Mutharika in the last Malawian election.

“We are people still tuned and in the mood of change here in Malawi, and so when PF were giving us these cards, we were just laughing, because we know what Zambians are going through with Lungu, is what we experienced with Mutharika here in Malawi. We will vote against Lungu because we voted against his friend Mutharika”, they said in unison.

On his part Liswaniso encouraged them to vote for President Hakainde Hichilema and that they should not succumb to PF manipulation.

“These cards PF illegally gave you must be used to get them out of power. Don’t allow them to manipulate you with money and corruption”, he said.

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