Malawians registered to vote in Zambia under probe from their govt

The Malawian government has started investigating the matter where citizens from that country have obtained Zambian National Registration Cards and voters cards to take part in the August 11 general elections.

And Eastern Province UPND vice chairperson Alexander Miti says it is good that the Malawian government has taken interest to find out how its citizens got green National Registration Cards and voters cards in Zambia.

Sources close to headman Chisamba, Atanasio Lomias and his Induna Chilima Yamika disclosed that the two were last week detained at Mchinji Police Station in Malawi and their Zambian NRCs and ECZ voters cards were confiscated by Mchinji district commissioner.

“It is true that the two, a headman Chisamba and his Induna, following the story in The Post newspaper, were arrested and detained at Mchinji Police Station in Malawi and the DC Mchinji grabbed  their NRCs and voters cards, but they were later released and are currently at home,” said the sources.

Headman Chisamba, who had Malawian Electoral Commission voter’s card serial number 831959234 and ECZ voter’s card serial number 49170740, bearing his Zambian name as Phiri Chidambo with NRC number 188358/55/1 obtained at Mzigawa primary, said it was not the first time the two countries were engaging each other’s citizens to vote.

Induna Chisamba was registered as a voter under the Malawian Electoral Commission using the name Chilima Yamika with voters card serial number 834266371, also a holder of Zambian green NRC number 181504/55/1 with a name of Yamikani Rottie Phiri of Chikoka area in chief pembamoyo in vubwi district and a Zambian voters card serial number 56650036.

The sources further disclosed that on Tuesday and Wednesday last week, a team of Zambia police officers went to Chikoka area and confiscated a register of over 200 names of Malawians who had registered as voters in Zambia.

“Police officers said to be from State House in Zambia led by Arthur Shonga came in the area and even went to the Malawian side to meet headman Chisamba and his induna Chidambo and never returned. They also went to Edward Mwanza’s house with a search warrant,” said the source.

“Shonga introduced his team as police officers from State House sent by President Edgar Lungu and through the help of Mwanza’s wife, searched the house and confiscated a register of over 200 names of Malawians who registered as voters in Zambia.”

And speaking during a campaign rally in Mbozi ward in Vubwi, Miti said the UPND in the province was happy that the Malawian government had started confiscating NRCs and voters cards from its citizens.

“Chakhala choziwika kuti a PF anachita sponsor a Malawi utenga ma voters cards kuja ku border. Now, we are happy today that Boma ya Malawi layamba kuchita investigation kuti, kodi anthu awo  ma citizens a kuja ku Malawi anatenga bwanji  ma voters cards mu Zambia (It is a known fact that the PF sponsored Malawians to get voters cards along the border. We are happy now that the Malawian government has started investigations to find out how their citizens managed to get Zambian documents),” Miti said.

He said UPND in the region had evidence that the Mchinji district commissioner had started confiscating NRCs and Voters cards from its nationals and put them in police custody.

“Malawians got NRCs and voters cards because PF was paying them money, K50 per day.  These Malawian nationals moved using PF transport from Namitete, Namitondo, Mchinji  and other villages in Malawi to come and register as voters  on the Zambian soil,” said Miti.

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