Malupenga, Kapyongo recorded scheming to rig polls

Listen to local government minister Stephen Kampyongo and his permanent secretary Amos Malupenga, tell town clerks and council secretaries to help PF manipulate elections.

The Post last week reported that Kampyongo and Malupenga had been implicated in a rigging scheme and were recruiting civil servants to help manipulate the outcome of next month’s general elections.
Both Kampyongo and Malupenga denied having any knowledge of schemes by the PF to rig elections through the Ministry of Local Government.
Kampyongo went further to hold a press conference to denounce The Post over the revelation, charging that the newspaper was trying to be vindictive.
Kampyongo also accused the opposition UPND of trying to recruit town clerks around the country to rig the elections in its favour.
But according to part of the recording from the meeting that the duo held in Livingstone recently, the ministry wants council officials to help the ruling party.
Malupenga wants the PF to handover power to itself, while Kampyongo wants the PF to play the role of boxer and referee in the general election.
Below is part of the recording on Youtube:
Malupenga: “As we are getting close to August 11 and our ministry is critical in organising
process so I thought that we could just come up with a ten-man committee which could have a presence in all the provinces just to have other eyes and ears for the government to see what is going on and get whispers. Our colleagues in the councils, they are quite a lot and they see quite a lot and they interact with literally everyone so there are others who are on the way coming, others in communities but we thought… and we have picked just a few. Those others still have to understand and observe but these ones we are sure of them…they can start hearing what’s going on and we see how we can position ourselves for jobs in there … because I had mentioned to the local government deputy chairperson that this is what I am trying to do with some of the officers which they are employing. In case you hear one or two things, we just want to prepare for a smooth handover so that we can hand over to ourselves kaili democracy, definitely went through the process. Our colleagues have done quite a lot. My presence in the provincial administration, I have seen that the opposition have put in place quite a lot particularly among the teachers, health personnel and to some extent the councils. But we thought that if we understand issues better from the council, then we can start working because all those at the end of the day they have to interface with the councils. I thought that we could also just meet with you and then from time to time, they can also come to Lusaka as we cut the issues deep.
I thought that we could also know how to utilise the information that we put online just to ensure that we be the loyal civil servants for the government of the day.
Loyalty is key to the system and we are the people who can make or break it. So we thought that we should pick it from there and see how we can expand it but we count on the 10 initially as the contact people. As we go, we may increase the numbers depending on how things unfold but we are trying to be tactful also not to talk to everyone because this would be
like a special assignment, so that we only deal with those who we really trust.”
Kampyongo: “I think at the end of the day, we are all here for one purpose. We are in the towns but still we have seen people trying to spoil things for us, and so it is just important that we are on the same page because usually sometimes, you know we were quite strained. Especially in a region like this one, it has been very drastic and probably maybe looking at the reports if you and I were at the ministry then, maybe I think the ball game would have been different because some of the people that we had then are just literally…I think he knows,
he has been in this game, in this region for a while. Him and Mr Kambita, there are people I know at least we haven’t been so much.
But the ministry as it may be, is the employer, the supervisor in terms of management. So literally it’s just a question of knowing what the left hand and the right hand is doing. So you won’t be doing anything outside your mandate parameters by engaging this comrade. But more importantly, the discipline of getting this to ourselves, you know the other part of the work we do ourselves, deliverables are there for people to see where it’s coming from, it used to be a bush.
People are able to appreciate but in addition, you just have to be sure that no one spoils it. So this is a good initiative and you have my blessings in terms of engaging them. You keep me posted from time to time and it will be interesting to see how we go.
Those who don’t want to play the ball, even at 90 minutes we should be able to flash the red
card. This Constitution has been a nice double-edged sword. Certain provisions which were
put there are things that I have still gone through; it also presses all of us to be together all the way.
So I wouldn’t want to fall on anyone during that time so that’s why we should have a team.
Because certainly, you know it will be like being the boxer and the referee at the same time. You are playing and certain things will still have to be done. I just sympathise with him; he needs a lot of help especially here. We have tried to put measures in place because you can do your part but if there isn’t outside participation, certain things can still happen. So we are going to make sure that we have people to come and help here to be present because there’s usually high levels of intimidation. I mean, where people get kicked out of the polling centre for example, everybody kicked out and things are done there and they are able to see, I mean, the figures that were coming from certain areas were not making sense. I mean by now, we have a presence everywhere. How do you expect someone to get zero where he has
even monitors? So those are things that we should try and help one another, especially the lead authority. This is an environment where people want to think it must be this way or that way, this is one nation, we can divide the nation to say okay, so it’s always important that we put that ugly earthly thing that is trying to spoil… I mean we had them in the colonial past, I mean post colonial, the ANC, UNIP and that sort of thing so we shouldn’t allow that to happen because it would start like a joke but at the end of the day you are just … the nation and you would start having animosities against one another.
So I think it’s a good initiative but we need to focus more where there are those natural weaknesses because that’s where we may need to scale up.”
Malupenga: “That’s what we want to do. That’s the idea, we want to work with people who

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