Malupenga ‘rectifies’ corrupt contract after exposure


Following the revelation by Watchdog concerning the corrupt contract awarded and signed by Amos Malupenga on behalf of Solwezi Municipal Council and witnessed by the Mayor E. Mulonga on 27/06/2014, was reversed within 24hrs. The Contract has now been signed by the Town Clerk and the incompetent Director of Engineering has signed on the part of the witness.

The question that one may ask is, how can the Director engineering ( Tikano Sikwewa) witness the contract that from the onset was not involved? Does he really understand the contract and the contractual obligations? How can he sign the estimates done by other Engineers? If watchdog did not expose these corrupt and shameless Amos Malupenga and his counterpart Ronald Daka would they have normalized the contract, and if so why rushing to the extent of calling the contractor who was brought by a procurement officer Mr Mulenga from PS office using a GRZ Vehicle without fear and shame of their deeds. The contract was signed by Town Clerk and Director Engineering on 30th June 2014. Though they have normalized the contract, it is still scandalous because the additional three million has not been approved by the full council but by the tender committee chaired by Amos Malupenga, is that the way contracts are done?

However, with the current prevailing situation at Solwezi Municipal Council it shows that the PF Government has no heart for the people of Solwezi going by the corrupt activities that they have allowed their thieves to remain in these offices. Ronald Daka was transferred to Solwezi municipal council from Chipata after saving a four years suspension of corrupt charges but the so called commissioners found it fit to promote a thief to a position of Town Clerk. We know his uncle Edgar Lungu and early childhood friend to his wife Emerine Kabanshi are behind his promotion and corrupt activities. Amos Malupenga also came on a demotion from the Ministry of information on corruption allegations and has continued with his behavior. It said once a thief always a thief.

Now, Since Ronald Daka has declared war against the people of Solwezi, we would expose him further.

We have few questions for Ronald Daka:

• Daka do you want us to expose how you have corruptly signed the MOU with Lumwana mine to be getting 50% property rates without following procedures?

• Do you want us to expose how you corruptly leased out the council rest house to Kyampemba Development Company LTD for twenty five years?

• Do you want us to expose your continued illegal land allocation using G. Kasito as your land agent and MMD councilors?

• Do you agree that you got the Loan after you had built the House in Solwezi and Lodges in Chipata?

• Daka Since when did you become a procurement officer for you to go and buy a chain for a grader and a compactor?

• Daka what where you discussing with PS malupenga on the phone on Monday 30th 2014? We already know your plans and we are tracking your movements and your phone calls. Don’t worry we are found in your bedroom.

Answer these questions and mark yourself.

Lastly do these investigative wings only favour the rich? Where you ACC, DEC, OP, ZP?

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