Mambilima must go, she is above retirement age

Mambilima must go, she is above retirement age

Dear Editor,


Your report that chief Justice Irene Mambilima is in office illegally after reaching retiring age cannot go without comment.

I am really shocked and disappointed that the person who is supposed to be number one in upholding and following the law is the one breaking it with impunity.

How can someone who does not follow the law expect others to obey the law? Why has she kept quiet in in the face of this big charge? Does it mean that there are two laws in Zambia, one for Mambilima and the other one for the rest of the people?

Now, if Mrs Mambilima already reached retirement age but is still clinging on to the office, what does it mean? I am asking because I am of the people affected by this. She issued a judgment against me a few months ago, should I disregard this judgment as illegal since it was issued by a retired person?

Why is it that in this country people in public offices can just do as the please and no one takes action?

The main problem is that our lawyers are not proactive are only interested in making money. They don’t care what damage they do to the country. For example, why cant LAZ ask Mrs Mambilima to step aside and give chance to judge who is qualified to hold that position?

How can ordinary people obey the law when judges do not?


Offended citizen

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