Mambilima sets nine judges against Bishop Mambo

Mambilima sets nine judges against Bishop Mambo


Chief Justice Irene Mambilima has mobilised nine Supreme Court judges to intimidate, harass and threaten Bishop John Mambo and other civil society activists.

The Nine judges will be led by deputy Chief Justice Marvin Mwanamwamba, whom we thought had some integrity but will now preside over something stupid.

Irene Mambilima herself won’t be in the panel as she has recused herself after ordering her juniors to take some anti-democratic decisions on her behalf.

Among the judges that will hear the case are Marvin Mwanamwamba, Gregory Phiri, Elizabeth Muyobwe, Roydah Kaoma, Charles Kajimanga, Michael Musonda and Jane Kabuka.

Mambilima has removed all the judges who are accused of receiving bribes from Stanbic, but that leaves the big question which is that there was no case in court when the so called contempt was. Made.

Two days ago, deputy Chief Justice Mwanamwamba had a three hour meeting with Stanbic Lawyer Eric Silwamba and judge Evans Hamaundu.

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