Man accused of threatening to kill Sata’s mother-in-law denied bail

Man accused of threatening to kill Sata’s mother-in-law denied bail

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A man who is alleged to have threatened violence against President Michael Sata’s mother-in-law Royce Kaseba has been denied bail by the magistrate court.

Christine Kaseba’s mother, Loyce Kaseba, reported Rashid Ibrahim to the police saying he threatened to kill her using a chair.
But when Ibrahim appeared before resident magistrate Boniface Mwiinga  denied having threatened to injure Sata’s mother-in-law.

Ibrahim also said he was brutally beaten by policemen while in custody.
Ibrahim is charged with one count of threatening violence contrary to the Laws of Zambia.
Particulars of the offence are that on December 12, 2011 in Lusaka Ibrahim threatened to injure Kaseba by saying, “I will kill you” while armed with a chair.
In denying the accused bail, magistrate Mwiinga said:
“The address on the indictment is that you are from Kapiri but when taking plea you said your address is 145 in Emmasdale. So it will be difficult to tell which address is correct. On that basis, I sustain the objection by the prosecution,” he said.
Mwiinga, however, ordered that Ibrahim be taken to hospital for medical attention because even an accused has the right to access health care.
He said Ibrahim should be taken to hospital because it is unacceptable to have an accused person die in prison.
Earlier, Ibrahim applied for bail so that he can seek medical attention because he was allegedly beaten by the police officers while in custody.
But the prosecution objected to the application stating that it will be difficult to find Ibrahim because he had given two different addresses

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