Man commits suicide in Kohima barracks., as typhoid cases rise in Chindwin barracks

A man believed to be a soldier has committed suicide by hanging himself in Kohima barracks in Kabwe but military personnel have denied reports that he was a soldier. His body was found in the early hours of today (Saturday, 21st June).

And typhoid cases have continued rising with some deaths recorded at Chindwin barracks, also in Kabwe due to what soldiers say is poor construction works of the newly built houses for soldiers.

The body of a man was found in the barracks today, around 10:00hrs state and military police were making efforts to take the body to Kabwe general hospital.
Some soldiers spoken to said the deceased was asoldier who had come to undertake some training at the military academy but decided to take his life in unexplained circumstances., but senior army officers have denied ‘their own soldier’.

Meanwhile opposite Kohima in Chindwin Barracks typhoid has claimed over five lives as the newly built houses do not have an adequate water pump to pump water in the storey houses recently built and commissioned by dictator president Michael Sata in an effort to please the soldiers.

The project was started by MMD under former President Rupiah Banda but the PF is said to have hijacked the programme and consequently some of the money misappropriated hence the poor workmanship.

This is in a suspected hatred for Kabwe people by Sata despite the town recording over 90% votes for PF in the 2011 elections. Sata’s PF administration has abandoned the Mulungushi and Nkrumah universities expansion projects, roads are in a deplorable state, Mulungushi textiles has remained unopened and on Friday Zambia Railways eventually relocated the head office to Lusaka.

The continued negligence of Kabwe by the PF has incensed the residents who have vowed never to vote for the PF in any elections in future. The party in the town is also facing disunity coupled with suspensions of members and vote of no confidence on the two MPs Sydney Mushanga of Bwacha and James Kapyanga of Kabwe central.

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