Man dies during Sable contractors’ illegal quarrying

Man dies during Sable contractors’ illegal quarrying

A middle aged man from Lusaka died during an illegal quarrying exercise by sable contractors in their bid to complete the corruptly awarded K169m road maintenance project of 30 kilometres of the Kapiri road but after corrupting the police, no inquiry has been opened.

The unnamed mine who was believed to have been one of the people contracted from Lusaka died during blasting of rocks to extract stones from the quarry located in Chief Mukonchi area in Kapiri Mposhi district last month and it is not established how his remains were disposed of. Police and some company sources have disclosed to the Watchdog that Central province police commissioner Lombe Kamukoshi and her notorious second Division Criminal investigations Officer (2nd DCIO) known as Timba have blocked the matter from going public.

Records from the ministry of mines show that Sable Contractors as a transport company doesn’t even own a mining licence and may have been using uncertified blasters. The company has been getting contracts at exorbitant charges and shares the commission with some PF and state house officials for transmission to President Edgar Lungu.

In spite of the death, the company has continued the quarrying with no sanction from the mine safety department while company managing director Iqbal Alloo has been reportedly boasting that he has invested heavily in the PF and no one can match with him.

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