Man dressed as woman chased from church

Man dressed as woman chased from church

Police in Lusaka Sunday afternoon ejected and sent away a male MMD cadre from the Anglican Cathedral of Holy Cross for posing as a woman during the 10th memorial service of president Levy Mwanawasa.

Kalemba in Lusaka reports that the said cadre known as Miyanda has been a member of the MMD praise choir since the days of the late president and easily passes for a woman given his feminine dress style and mannerism.

Police presence was heavy at the Cathedral of the Child Jesus where President Edgar Lungu and his political nemesis Hakainde Hichilema were also in attendance.

Miyanda arrived in a neatly tailored yellowish African flair dress with blue patterns in it and a matching blue purse and chitambala.

His facial makeup consisting of lip stick and foundation, high heels and a classy blue purse sealed his appearance as a woman attracting admiration from male onlookers, but that would not be for long.

When one male police officer saw a potential lover in Miyanda and decided to confide in a colleague, he was shocked to be told by a female MMD cadre who had overhead the conversation that his “crash” was in fact a man.

Too shocked to believe, police officers then followed the cadre in church and fished her/him out.

After a body search, police officers confirmed that Miyanda has a male organ, they ordered that he leaves the premises of the church where President Edgar Lungu was also in attendance.

Police confiscated his dress and let him leave the premisses in a body hugging bum short and body top.

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