Man in court for calling Lungu ‘penis’

Tyranny continues:

A police reservist of Lusaka’s Chawama township has been found with a case to answer for defaming Edgar Lungu after reffering to him as ka chikala.

Lusaka magistrate Sylvia Munyinya today placed Peter Habasimbi on his defense after the state closed it’s case.

Habasimbi, a police reserve officer, is alleged to have defamed Lungu whilst on a minibus from Snow White to Chawama.

Accusations in court are that whilst on the bus, Habasimbi was greeted by the bus driver who asked him why he was not seen in the State House bus anymore to which he responded that he was now based at Chawama police station.

He further alleged that the reason why people were burning buildings after Hakainde Hichilema’s arrest was because of the Lungu.

He also said in other countries, war would have ensued following HH’s arrest because he had a huge following.

It is alleged that the actual words are; “Chikala wamene muna votela President alengesa,” words which the state interpreted as…”the Penis you voted for as President is the cause”.

The case has since been adjoined to July 21 as Habasimbi has sought legal representation.

This is just another case of to prove that Zambia is now under a dictator.

Calling someone chikala,penis is not even defamatory; it’s simply insulting.

Does Lungu think people will stop insulting him given the level of intolerance and the fact that half the country does not recognise him?

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