Man in jail for reminding Lungu that they used to drinking kachasu together

Dear Editor,

I write to express concern and at the same time to appeal to President Edgar Lungu to release one Gideon Kabwe who is languishing in Chimbokaila on his orders. Three weeks ago, President Lungu passed through one of his bars called Edgars that houses block of flats behind the bar in Kamwala South/Waterworks, Libala.

Whilst there he disembarked and was about to go in and play pool but just then one Gideon Kabwe shouted at hin in bemba saying ‘aba ba Edgar Lungu nangu batulekelesha twalenwafye nabo Kacahsu pa Chanda’ and the President heard him.

He immediately left the place and called the police telling them that there is a young man who has insulted him and causing direpute to his name. A few moments later, the police arrived and arrested the young man and has been in Chimbokaila for almost three weeks now.

The young man is a staunch PF and efforts have been made by the local area PF representatives to have him released but the Jail guards and authority are resisting saying ‘Orders to have him there were direct from the President and only him can have them release him’. Please remind the President because as long as the President has forgotten, the young man will remain in the remind prison. He has not been taken to court and neither has a docket been opened for this married man. As at today 7th march 2016, he was still in Chimbokaila. The only crime the young man committed was to remind the President about the fact that he has forgotten him. The old man Sata being the politician he was would have reacted differently. The young man would have gone off happy and his behavior changed. But now under Edgar Lungu, he languishes in Prison. We really miss Michael Chilufya Sata. MHSRIP

Friends of Gideon Kabwe

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