Man kills child, wife and mother-in-law

A 39-Year-old man of Shinampamba Village in Luchena area of Chief Shezongo in Itezhi-tezhi District has committed suicide after killing his wife, his mother-in -law and his nine-month-old child.

Police and relatives to the assailant confirmed to ZANIS in Itezhi-tezhi today that the incidence happened yesterday around 18:00 hours.

Police said Albert Kabangu,39, killed his wife Nyambe Mary, 33, his mother in-law Annah Kabangu,57, and his nine month- old child yesterday following a failed reconciliation attempt with his wife.

Police said the assailant attempted to reconcile with his wife with whom they have been on separation for over two weeks but the wife vehemently refused to reconcile with him resulting in a fierce fight between him and his wife.

Osten Mangwato, a relative to the husband, said the mother-in-law tried to stop the fight but the son-in-law hit her with a hoe stick on the head and she died instantly.

Mangwato narrated that when the wife saw that her husband had become uncontrollable, she attempted to run away but he caught up with her and repeatedly hit her with a hoe stick until she died.

Mangwato said the man then ran home and killed his nine month-old child and then hanged himself.

All the bodies have been placed in the Itezhi-tezhi district hospital mortuary awaiting a postmortem.

Last month a man of Luubwe ward in Itezhi-tezhi disrict killed his wife and his eight month-old child after suspecting her of flirting with another man of the same area.

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