Man of the moment: Gerald Shawa

Man of the moment: Gerald Shawa

His name is Gerald Shawa.

He is the proprietor of Prime TV. Two days ago, Prime TV boldly, courageously and ethically broadcasted a news item detailing how the PF concealed more than 12000 votes for UPND presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema during the 2016 fraudulent elections.

As expected, the PF regime has fallen with full force like a ton of bricks on innocent journalists for simply doing their job.
The dictatorial but scared regime has ordered the TV owner Shawa to appear before one of its organs to answer fake charges of breaching broadcasting licence.

Currently there is no organisation that defends journalists and media houses in Zambia when they face such persecution. It therefore falls on the opposition, NGOs and general citizens to stand up and defend Prime TV, one of the very few remaining independents voices in a country that is steadily matching backwards into the dark ages.
Shawa’s outstanding resilience is simply amazing; from a ZNBC camera man to a media leader and owner of one the most reliable media in the country.

Who will soon tell you who the idiot of the moment is.

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