Man of the moment: Lucky Mulusa

Man of the moment: Lucky Mulusa

Whether he is eventually hounded out of PF or he resigns (which is the same thing), in the eyes of the public, Minister Mulusa would have extricated himself from the PF corruption.

In a country where government officials worship the so-called president, saying what Mulusa said takes inspiration. But then, we have always known that Mulusa is only in PF for convenience. He does not see any leadership in Edgar Lungu. He only went to PF when he realised that he could not have his way in Solwezi.

Anyway, these are the words that have caused Lungu to ask Mulusa to quit though we hear he has no intentions of quiting:

During a Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) meeting in Lusaka recently, Mulusa said he wondered why some of his colleagues (Cabinet ministers) were failing to explain the purchase of 42 fire engines, which he likened to wheelbarrows, compared to the ones the city of Liverpool in the United Kingdom purchased at the same price (US$1 million per fire tender).

“Perhaps we should have given better explanations than the explanations which seem contradictory, which seem not to be making sense to members of the public. We should have probably done an appraisal on fire tenders. I see my colleagues struggling to justify [the purchase]. Now we know Liverpool has this one million dollar machine. When you see it on social media and you look at ours, it looks like a wheelbarrow,” said Mulusa while laughing as the audience joined in.

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