Man shot by PF cadre still in coma

Man shot by PF cadre still in coma


Dear Sir,

It was very Interesting to read your quick confirmation of a sad incident in Zambia Daily mail about a Man who accidentally shoot his Own Son.What is interesting is how quick you came out to the media.

My concern for You is how you paraded yourself so quickly to confirm this shooting accident while putting the other incident under the carpet.

I would like you to deny the following;

1.CEPHAS Musopelo a.k.a “TIME COMMANDER” a PF Cadre of MUFULIRA shot ‘Kunda’ along Kabwe Kapiri and ran away…… True or False

2. At your Command Cephas Musopelo was arrested by the C5 in Kalulushi were he went to hide…..True or false

3. Sydney Mwaba a PF Cadre a.k.a Overall Commander threatened you and asked you to realese Cephas…..True or False

4. Brian Mushimba asked you to discontinue the case and Free CEPHAS “Time Commander” despite all the evidence against him……….True or False

5. The Man that was shot by Cephas has been transferred to UTH in Coma with serious gun Injuries….. True or False

6. The Family of the shot Man has been intimidated to keep Quiet or face Consequences……True or false

Kindly Mr Commissioner,refute the story and say This never happened.

Tell the nation Mr Commissioner that Nobody is admitted in Hospital from gun wounds on the mouth and Abdomen.

Good day

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