Man who ejaculated on woman in public found with case to answer

A TRADER at Chisokone market in Kitwe who ejaculated on a Kitwe woman on June 3rd, 2013 has been found with case to answer by the Kitwe Magistrate Court.
Golden Mwewa, 27 of Luangwa township in Kitwe was found with a case to answer by Kitwe Magistrate Maxwell Mainsa.
Mwewa was charged with indescent assault after he allegedly ejaculated on a woman who went to buy tomatoes and onions at Chisokone market.
Mwewa allegedly ejaculated on a woman’s Chitenge material.
The woman in question had gone to the market to buy tomatoes and onions and as she knelt to select the tomatoes, she felt wetness on her clothes and when she checked, she found sperms all her and Mwewa was standing very close to her.
When she screamed for help, she noticed that the zip to Mwewa’s trousers was open and the penis was outside.
Members of the public arrested Mwewa and took him to the Police station where he was charged with indescent assault.
But Mwewa denied ejaculating on the woman saying he was only standing next to her because of too many people at the market.
Hearing continues.

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