Mandevu constituency aspiring candidates clash

Former Patriotic Front (PF) Mandevu Member of Parliament Jean Kapata was Thursday morning on Joy FM’s platform program at pains to explain developmental projects and achievements in the constituency to her counterparts Caniscius Banda and Martha Mushipe who are contesting on the  MMD andUPND tickets respectively.

Kapata, who is re-contesting the seat on the PF ticket said she has developed the area to the level it is today as resources were only available for what has been done so far.

She accused the ruling of party of being the reasonthe constituency is still under developed as the MMD has failed to provide service delivery to the people.

The former parliamentarian charged that the MMD could be likened to infidels and should not be trusted as the Bible states that a man who fails to keep his family is an infidel.

In reaction to Kapata, Banda described the former MP’s statements as fake as they were only being uttered to entice the people of Mandevu.

He reiterated the ruling party’s willingness to develop the area and better the lives of the electorate when given the mandate in the constituency as such is the duty of a policy maker.

Banda said the PF was not fit to govern the people as the party supports barbaric issues such as homosexuality which are considered a taboo.

Speaking also on the program UPND candidate Mushipe said her party is not interested in character assassination and mudslinging but is focused on the needs of the Zambian people.

She said the electorate will not go wrong if they usher her into office as her party has the capacity to provide service delivery and develop Mandevu.

Mushipe further appealed to citizens to maintain peace and vote wisely by ushering disciplined and credible leaders into office when the nation goes to the polls on September 20.

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