Mandevu PF thugs commander beaten

Mandevu PF thugs commander beaten



PF Mandevu Junction commander receives crippling beating
PF MANDEVU Junction “Commander” Bernard Daka and his troops were this afternoon repelled by UPND cadres after they attempted to attack and block the campaign roadshow of UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.
The cadres who claimed Mandevu was a no-go area for UPND earlier insulted police who tried to stop their journey to the UPND roadshow accusing police of being UPND sympathisers and that they would be fired on 13 August, 2021 a day after the polls.
The seemingly drunk and smoked cadres attacked with a Blue Toyota Hilux loaded with stones and other offensive weapons.
However, the PF Mandevu Junction Commanders despite their bravado were outnumbered and in the ensuing battle beaten to pulp.
Whilst about 20 escaped, five were badly injured and left on the scene for police to collect together with their wrecked vehicle.
Police are yet to issue a statement on the matter.
Violent client are in the increase as political campaigns highten

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  • comment-avatar
    Chisha Banda 1 week ago

    If the police fail to discipline PF the mob justice should enforce the law.

  • comment-avatar
    Mr True 1 week ago

    Anyway, PF provoked UPND on a number of occasions without retaliating. Mapenzi Chibulo was short dead and other UPND member beaten to the core. Now they have learned to retaliate. Wina afelapo.

  • comment-avatar
    John 1 week ago

    Next the.beat lungu

  • comment-avatar
    Ngoma Yamaano 1 week ago

    Mgubbudu, did you read the article before ushering your comments? It is the violent PF thugs who tried to physically block an approved UPND road show. Is blocking an UPND road show by PF thugs a way of competing on ideas?

  • comment-avatar
    mgubbudu 1 week ago

    upnd is always proud of physical violence achievements and refuse to compete on ideas