Guy Scott abandons Mangango

Guy Scott abandons Mangango

Dr. Mumba introducing MMD candidate Cgharles Mwenzala

DMumba introducing MMD candidate Mwenzala

The crowd that went to welcome Dr. Mumba

crowd that went to welcome Mumba

Dr. Mumba in a jovial mood

Mumba in a jovial mood

Ceremonial Vice President Guy Scott has reportedly left Mangango constituency after being booed on Friday 16th August, 2014.  But while Scott is leaving, MMD president Dr. Nevers Mumba has entered the constituency and has called for peaceful campaigns.

PF sources told the Watchdog that Scott has left Mangango because he had more important national duties to perform than attending to the people of Western province who have rejected PF. He is believed to have traveled to Zimbabwe to represent President Michael Sata at the heads of state summit.

Scott is also reportedly unhappy with the way the campaigns have been handled despite assurances from campaign manager Obvious Mwaliteta that all things were sailing easy for PF.

The PF is facing a huge battle to deliver messages to Mangango voters as the people have so far shunned the ruling party’s rallies. The PF’s only hope now is to rig the vote using refugees in some camps.  The PF is facing another problem as the other senior leaders have shunned Mangango. Only  Wynter Kabimba’s ‘Team A’ is involved in this bye-election. Other factions within PF do  not care about places such as Western province so leaders like Chishimba Kambwili, Edgar Lungu, Alexander Chikwanda have not even gone there.


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