Mangango residents clobber PF cadre for burning bridge

Residents of Mangango constituency in Kaoma district yesterday beat up a PF cadre who set the bridge between Mangango and Luampa village ablaze in a bid to block UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema from crossing.

Leonard Chisanga, of Kuomboka compound in Lusaka is one of the PF thugs who were ferried to Mangango by central province minister Obvious Mwaliteta and PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba. Upon learning that Hichilema was visiting Mangango, Chisanga and his friends under the instruction of Mwaliteta and Luampa MP Josephine Limata organized tyres and fire wood and set a timber supported bridge on fire.

Quick action by the residents saved the bridge from being burnt completely as they quenched the fire with the help of some UPND cadres. At this point the thugs wanted to challenge them but they were overpowered and scampered as almost everyone in the village joined in beating them.

Chisanga was the unlucky one who was apprehended and clobbered and is currently admitted to Mangango mission hospital nursing serious injuries though medical personnel say he is out of danger.

Last week, the Watchdog exposed a scam in which PF hired thugs were dispatched from Lusaka to go and intimidate voters ahead of the 19th August by election. They were spotted buying bows and arrows in Kaoma in addition to other weapons they already had.

Meanwhile, the UPND has demanded that police arrest Chisanga and his friends for arson or espionage according to the laws of Zambia.


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