Mangango UPND MP was killed by PF

Mangango UPND MP was killed by PF

Details are beginning to emerge that the UPND MP who perished in road accident yesterday was actually assassinated by the government.

Sources say The Patriotic Front (PF) have finally got their most prized wish for a Parliamentary by election in a UPND stronghold by the death of Mangango MP in their desperate attempt to prove that the opposition party was losing ground.

The PF also wants a two-third majority in parliament so that they can doctor the constitution.

Sources from the PF have hinted that efforts to coax the opposition MPs using money had failed and “the had to find a way.”

Mangango MP Mwene died in a suspicions road accident that only took his life while four others survived.

The ‘accident’ that claimed his life was not the first attempt on his life. Last week, his car had a tyre burst while he was returning from his constituency. That time he survived.

The PF, according to the source have been desperate to penetrate UPND strongholds.
“They have been trying so hard to lure  the MPs with money but they have failed.
“They are therefore celebrating this unfortunate incident. A lot of money has been mobilised already for the by election. They are ready to pay each villager with money for them to just grab this seat,” said the source

Those who were in the late MP’s car but survived the accident are:

1.Moses Yonvwenu 24yrs Kaoma
2. Mercy Kabanvu 43yrs Prison Officer Kaoma
3.Gift Yombe 38yrs John laing Lusaka
4. Ignitious Hangoma of Makeni  Lusaka.

Mangango has been chosen as it is easy to rig given its rural set up and poverty levels and has been rigged before. During a by-election in 2014, the PF managed to install some old man as MP in the rural constituency but during the general election,  the constituency reverted to UPND.


Late MP with wife

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