Mangango voters promised electricity if they vote PF candidate

Mangango voters promised electricity if they vote PF candidate

IMG_0094[1] IMG_0131[1]The PF has told the people of Mangango constituency that the area will only be electrified if they vote for the PF candidate in the forthcoming by election, but UPND Mangango ward councilor Godwin Putu says it is immoral for the government to put conditions to development projects.

During their canvassing of votes in the area, desperate PF officials have been saying that if the people of Mangango don’t vote for their candidate, then they should forget about electrification. The statement was echoed by party secretary general Wynter Kabimba who was in the area to attend the Kazanga traditional ceremony of the Nkoya people.

The officials have also threatened to halt the Mongu Kalabo road which is going at a very slow pace. A check also revealed many poles mounted and laid on the stretch to hoodwink people that the area will soon be electrified.

And three days before nomination, the PF have not yet found a candidate to field, government is also so upset about Watchdog exposure about the area’s under development and have issued instructions to search for the Watchdog reporter in the area.

During the last week, this site has carried a series of stories depicting the under development of Mangango constituency ranging from roads, health and education. We are still in Mangango and now that nominations will take place on Thursday, we will shift attention to political campaigns.

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