Mangani flees Chipata due to debts incurred during by-election

Mangani flees Chipata due to debts incurred during by-election



Losing Chipata Central PF candidate Lameck Mangani has fled Chipata due to debts he accrued during parliamentary by-election.

Mangani is still paying his lawyers for the bills he accumulated to petition the election of Mtolo Phiri in 2011. Mtolo was last Thursday re-elected on the MMD ticket beating Mangani again – and this time convincingly.

PF officials have told the Watchdog that the party did not give Mangani enough money for his campaigns. Most of the money they released was given directly to suppliers and other party officials.

Mangani went into borrowing. He promises Chipata Shylocks that he will refund them one he is elected and that he will give them government contracts as he thought he would immediately be appointed minister.

He borrowed K200 000 from one Indian Businessman and put his lodge called ‘Wise donkey Lodge’ as collateral.

He also put his Hammer mills as collateral for other monies he borrowed from other people.

But on Friday, just after he lost, the money lenders were calling and asking him ‘the way forward’ in light of the Thursday ‘tsunami’.

Friday evening, he disappeared but the businessman who loaned him K200, 000 was said to be preparing to take over the ‘Wise Donkey’ lodge.

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