Mangani regrets ditching RB for PF and Sata

Mangani regrets ditching RB for PF and Sata


Mangani (middle) with RB and local Harry Porter (on floor)

Former Home Affairs Minister Lameck Mangani says he regrets having betrayed Rupiah Banda for the Patriotic Front according to  family sources.

The source has told the Zambian Watchdog that Mangani has been telling members of his family and close friends that he developed hate for Rupiah Banda after he was demoted from being Minister of Home Affairs to Deputy Minister Works and Supply but did not know that he will be used and dumped by the Patriotic Front.

Mangani who is reported to be one of the people behind the newly formed People’s Party headed by former Works and Supply Minister Mike Mulongoti accuses Paramount Chief Mpezeni and Energy Permanent Secretary George Zulu as the people behind his misery.
“Lameck believes it is Mpezeni and George Zulu who have been telling Sata not to give him any position in government because he says Mpezeni and George Zulu by tribe have fallen in Sata’s tribalism scheme and would like to segregate between Chewas and Ngoni’s” the source said.
The source said Mangani just realised recently that Paramount Chief Mpezeni hated former President Rupiah Banda because Rupiah Banda is Chewa by tribe and gave more respect to the Chewa chief Paramount Chief Gawa Undi.
The source said Mangani has even learnt that the chances of him contesting the Chipata Central seat on the PF ticket in case the Supreme Court nullifies the seat are Zero as Paramount Chief Mpezeni has told Sata that he would like a Ngoni not a Chewa to contest the seat.
Mangani has also been telling people that he is also sure that it is Paramount Chief Mpezeni and George Zulu that influenced President Sata to drop former Justice Minister Sebastian Size Zulu.
“Mangani has realised that President Sata is a very serious tribalist and is using illiterates like Mpezeni to advance his tribalism, even in Northern Province he has brought divisions between the Bembas on one side and the Mambwes, Lungus and Namwangas on the other.
The source said Mangani doubts if Energy Regulations Board Chairperson George Chabwera will survive in this government especially that Paramount Chief Mpezeni sits on the Rural Electrification Authority board.


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