Mangani regrets MISA plunder as SCS cuts funding

Save the Children Sweden has withdrawn its grant of K400 million to MISA Zambia following allegations of plunder by MISA board members.

The Watchdog has been informed that Save the Children and MISA were supposed to sign a grant of K400 million this week. But when information of alleged looting at MISA was published in the media yesterday, Save the Children held a maanagement meeting and resolved to withdrew the grant

And government has challenged journalists in Zambia to be  accountable in their financial dealings.

Home Affairs Minister, Lameck Mangani said allegations leveled against MISA Zambia Chapter Chairperson, Henry Kabwe involving the misappropriation of K70 million which was provided by the Save the Children Sweden for programmes on ZNBC TV are unfortunate.

Manganiheld a press briefing this morning just to say is very unfortunate that the media who are supposed to be held in high esteem have allowed themselves to fall prey to such irresponsible behavior at the expense of their work.
He said the media just like the Law Association of Zambia should sternly deal with its erring members who fail to uphold the ethics of the profession.

Henry Kabwe is alleged to have diverted K70 million to his private entity which is chaired by MISA vice chaiperson Felistus Chipako.

The other money was allegedly paid to ZNBC’ Clepatra Hamaambo instead of ZNBC.

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