Mangani removal shows PF tribalism




I didn’t believe it when people including my own family told me that the PF is a tribal party.

But looking at what happened here kumawa where this Michael Sata of theirs has chased Lameck mangani as PF chairman and replaced him with a Bemba relative of Sata Atan Mwamba has really made me sick.

I have never fully supported PF and am not political per se but such stupidity by the PF is nauseating.

What makes Sata and his family think that the people of Eastern province are their slaves? They play chimbuya with us but that cousinship is only respected when it benefits them. When Rupiah Banda was president, they never saw us as cousins but opponents and people like Mangani sold out. I don’t care about Mangani because he is a traitor and he is paying, but why didn’t the PF find another local person to lead the province? It is because they consider us junior cousins only fit to be led by them?

Wait for 2016. Don’t think we are foolish. We know which people consider us equal partners and fellow citizens.


Zondiwe (Chipata)

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