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Mangani: diplomats are conspiring to destabilise Zambia

Some of the people who attended the press briefing

Some of the people who attended the press briefing

Home Affairs Minister Lameck Mangani has told diplomats accredited to Zambia to stop holding what he described as ‘dark corner meetings aimed at bringing anarchy in the country.’

He said his government has unearthed a scam in which some prominent Zambians and some diplomats accredited to Zambia are conspiring to destabilise the nation.

And Mangani says the police will ‘meet head on’ people who will honk and hoot in protest against the refusal by the DPP to appeal in the case involving Fredrick Chiluba.

He said police have been put on high alert to counter the ‘anarchy’.

Mangani said that diplomats should stop holding dark corner meetings with NGOs and other people whom he said were benefiting from the Task Force on Corruption.

Mangani has warned that any schemes to incite Zambians to rise against the government will attract the wrath of the law.

He was speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka on Thursday.

Mr. Mangani said it is worrisome that the majority of people who attended Wednesday’s meeting of NGOs were from the diplomatic community in Zambia.

He described as illegal, the meeting at which NGOs resolved to publicly show their displeasure against the refusal to appeal against the acquittal of former president Frederick Chiluba.

He said if NGOs want to resolve problems, they should not resort to anarchy by honking and hooting but must instead go to court.

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